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CREAM The Web Series

Clayton Prince was inspired to create CREAM from the many independent musical artist who approached him with their demos in chance encounters on the street. Over the course of Clayton's career, many young artists would give him their music in hopes that he could help them reach their dreams. "Honestly speaking, a lot of the music was horrible, but some of it was brilliant, and I found myself listening to some of the songs over and over and over again," says Clayton.

The sad truth was that Clayton couldn't do anything with the music, because he was an actor and producer of films, not EPs and music. Some of the struggling artist who approached him told him the horrors they went through trying to get a record deal. Clayton thought to himself, "Man, this is like a soap opera!" Then it dawned on him...It really should be a soap opera! This was how the idea of CREAM was born.

For those of you who don't like Hip Hop or R&B or Gospel music will still find the realistic, smart and funny storylines compelling. Cream is guaranteed to make you laugh and think all while you're tapping your feet and enjoying the new music from aspiring artists who are putting their heart and souls into their craft. Enjoy the show everyone.

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